each month we rotate cookie flavors which you can order by the half or full dozen. take a peek at the flavors list below to see some of our upcoming offerings! once your order is processed, we will notify you of the pick up time and location. all orders processed by tuesday at midnight can be picked up that friday. any orders made wednesday will be scheduled for pick up the following week.

december menu




Black Sesame Toffee

chewy, toasty, nutty and highly addictive



all the sophistication of matcha perfectly paired with the classic american confection


Sichuan Hot Chocolate

our classic chocolate chunk cookie is laced with sichuan peppercorns for a fun little adventure for your taste buds


Hong Kong Milk Tea

the perfect afternoon treat and an homage to the tradition of hong kong tea time


Vietnamese Coffee

all the robust flavor of vietnamese drip coffee without the wait time


thai tea

an ode to hot summer days and the joy that comes from a refreshing glass of thai iced tea


Mango Sticky Rice

chewy mango bits topped with a glorious mound of coconut mochi


Kinako Chocolate

all that peanut butter goodness without the nuts combined with a savory miso toffee and sweet dark chocolate


Halo Halo

coconut cookie topped with gooey ube marshmallow, crispy rice, freeze dried bananas, strawberry and pineapple?! yes please!



our ovaltine cookie is more like a malty molten lava cake but in cookie form


ginger osmanthus

this cookie was inspired by the transition of summer into autumn! the summery peach-like flavor of osmanthus is combined with the spiciness of candied ginger.